Welcome and thank you for visiting my blog, rethinking sexuality . com.

The purpose of this website is to encourage society to challenge the contemporary understanding of human sexuality. This challenge sits in contrast to the popular social movement of this era, which is to promote sexual “acceptance”, “tolerance” and “equality”. My apparent, antagonistic view is motivated by the notion that no system of thought can bring about unity and its positive concomitants, if that system inadvertently segregates and marginalizes its subjects – as does the current understanding of sexuality.

As an alternative, therefore, I advocate my scientific conclusions and thoughts, as presented in this blog, for consideration by the global community. Rethinking sexuality, from my vantage point, will effectively advance society by inspiring us to re-explore how:

  1. to nurture our posterity

  • so that parents may know how to approach their children about sex education, in spite of their local state schools not adhering to parental requests about how minors should be educated on this matter.

  1. to appreciate our personal and communal development

  • so that otherwise healthy members of our community are no longer intimidated into migrating to those so called “gay ghettos”. Such marginalized communities exist because the modern understanding of human sexuality inconclusively categorizes individuals as either belonging to a majority or minority sexual orientation.

  1. to encourage respect for the human body

  • so that physical, emotional and social suffering, no longer have to be a consequence of sexual interaction. In this way, society may effectively cure itself from: anorexia, bulimia, sexually transmitted diseases/illnesses, substance abuse, anal fissures, anal cancer, oral cancer, mental illness, suicide and other sexuality associated conditions that the current mode of thought has failed to control.

  1. to discover our personal vocation

  • so that every person may live a fulfilling life, rather than pursue a path taken only out of fear of being categorized, according to an artificial system that creates and marginalizes minorities.

  1. to enjoy a love filled life

  • so that all people may find true happiness, rather than simply settle for mere: “tolerance”, “acceptance”, “equality”, “compassion” or other desirable qualities that do not guarantee happiness.

  1. to cherish and share life’s legacy

  • so that all people may naturally and directly share in the joy that comes from creating a new life, rather than implicitly reserving this gift for an artificial majority so that the artificial minority are left to settle for surrogacy or artificial insemination.

Achieving the aforementioned goals will ultimately allow for a maturer interpretation of life’s sexual nature – so that the beauty and complexity of sexuality is no longer misunderstood, overlooked or demonized but instead, demystified, appreciated and celebrated.

Finally, I hope to see all your positive and negative responses to my views, as this will typically generate discussion, which may inspire ideas that could help heal, build and maintain a happier and stronger society – so we may all benefit.

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