Forget: gay, bi, straight, etc. There is a newer and maturer way of understanding sexuality that has the power to heal the hurt inadvertently inflicted by categorizing individuals according to a sexual orientation.

This new understanding, which I call the Erection Tree (ET) model of sexuality, is motivated by the ideology that asserts procreation as being the only instinctual motivation for sexual arousal and consequently, therefore, copulation, spawning and any other means of fertilization. Further, the greatest advantage you will gain by learning this new model is that you will finally gain a highly developed scientific understanding of why your sexual responses behave the way they do.

Furthermore, the beauty of this model is in its simplicity and practicality, which I will present to you from hereafter, in a colloquial and secular tone – albeit, after highlighting the scientific weaknesses of labelling people with the various sexual orientations.

Finally, I hope you find this blog useful and I welcome all your: questions, criticisms and other comments.